Focus on development, forge ahead to open a new chapter ---- Yuhe Electric 2019 annual work summary and New Year party was successfully held




On January 17, 2020, Yuhe Electric Company held the 2019 annual work summary and New Year party, the meeting centered on the theme of "Gathering the heart to gather strength to develop, forge ahead to open a new chapter", and the company solemnly invited the senior executives of Zuoji Electric, Tiandian Electric Power and Yiyuan Electric Power Company to participate in the New Year party. This New Year party is the summation meeting of employees' work, and it is also an industry event to integrate resources, expand contacts and build circles.

Review the past and set an example

Time flies, in the blink of an eye, the past has become history, Yuhe Electric started from the new close Quliang, to 2019, the bidding project expanded to 31 provinces in the country, the product won 11 provinces, the bid amount of 160 million yuan, the gradual high-quality and stable development of these four years, never known, to now the State grid industry has a place, these achievements are obvious.

The annual work summary meeting was held in the company room. At the meeting, the chairman made a summary of the work in 2019 and a report on the work plan in 2020, comprehensively reviewed and summarized the work in the past year, praised the advanced, set a model, and focused on the arrangement and deployment of the work in the New Year.

General Manager Zhang announced the company's "2019 year-end Award decision", the company took out more than 400,000 yuan to issue year-end awards to all employees, and announced that this year's advanced collective ---- contract execution Department gave 10,000 yuan cash incentives.

Farewell to the old and welcome to the new shared dinner

At the end of the first half of the year-end summary meeting, all employees held a Yuhe Electric Spring Festival party in Zhengyuan Jinjiang Hotel.

At the meeting, the chairman delivered a New Year's speech, expressing his heartfelt thanks and New Year's wishes to our special guests and all staff, and encouraging all staff to achieve new achievements in 2020.


In order to enliven the atmosphere of the venue and enhance the interaction of industry personnel, three rounds of lucky draw activities were organized during the meeting, and different levels of prizes were awarded to me, and General Manager Zhang Zedong presented awards to the winners.



At the meeting, the chairman and general manager of Yuhe Electric, Jiujiang Electric, Tiandian Electric Power, and Yiyuan Electric Power respectively took out a large amount of money at the scene to issue New Year red envelopes, and the representatives of each team displayed their talents on the stage to the participants to show their talents and show a completely different side of the work of each employee. This is a feast, but also a family banquet, let's relive this full of warmth and laughter of the party!



The new movement of 2020 has been played, let us seize the day, live up to our youth, and jointly create a new glory of Yuhe Electric!

All employees of Yuhe Electric wish the vast number of old and new friends in advance

The year of the rat is great


违禁词: 第一,最,一流,领先,独一无二,王者,龙头,领导者,极致,



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