Recruitment position

Recruitment position

Number of recruits

Salary and treatment


Production manager


8000-10000 yuan/month

Job responsibilities:

1. Organize the establishment and improvement of production system, formulate production plan, check production work and ensure the completion of production tasks.

2, according to the production and operation plan, master the production schedule, do a good job in the coordination of the workshops, organize the distribution of labor and equipment materials.

3, once a week to hold a regular production meeting, analyze the production situation, put forward solutions and measures to solve the problem.

4, according to the production needs, prepare material procurement and supply plan, and organize the implementation, timely contact to solve the production gap materials.

5. Responsible for organizing production personnel after the project list is issued, verifying the availability of materials, and arranging production before, after and after the production schedule.

6, do a good job of equipment management, put forward the renovation plan, regularly organize maintenance, improve the equipment good rate and utilization rate.

7. Responsible for technical and quality assurance work in production, timely organization to solve and deal with problems found, and report major problems directly to the general manager.

8. Responsible for developing the processing technology, dealing with various problems in the processing process, coordinating the relationship with relevant departments.

9, responsible for controlling the quality of internal processing, to solve the various measures affecting the quality of processing.

10, responsible for the safety measures in the production process, establish production schedule, safety, quality and other rules and regulations.

11, responsible for controlling production costs, organizational innovation, improve efficiency, and have the ability to process their own processing.

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违禁词: 第一,最,一流,领先,独一无二,王者,龙头,领导者,极致,



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