Congratulations to our company approved "double soft certification"



On December 13, 2019, our company passed the national "double soft certification" and was recognized by the software enterprise of Henan Software Service Industry Association (Certificate number: Henan RQ-2019-0718), and the "Distribution Cabinet Automation Operation Control System V1.0" independently developed by our company successfully won the software product identification (Certificate number: Henan RC-2019-0729), and our company successfully became a member of Henan Software Service Industry Association.

Enterprises that have obtained the double soft certification can enjoy preferential policies in terms of corporate income tax, value-added tax and other taxes, and enjoy the treatment of key legal protection.

Successfully passed the "double software certification", which reflects the increasingly perfect and mature software product development, application and service of our company, and provides strong support for the intelligent upgrade of products and the further improvement of service quality. At the same time, it also shows that our company is in the leading position in the development of high-tech software with technology as the core, and we have the strength to provide customers with more professional and practical software products and services.


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