In 2019, the eighth batch of waste materials disposal bidding announcement of State Grid Hubei Electric Power Co., LTD



Entrusted by State Grid Hubei Electric Power Co., LTD., State Grid Hubei Tendering Co., Ltd. intends to organize the bidding disposal of the eighth waste materials of State Grid Hubei Electric Power Co., Ltd. in 2019, and the relevant matters are announced as follows:

1. Bidding time and place

The waste materials will be disposed by bidding. The bidding business will officially start at 09:00:00 (Beijing time) on 2019-11-01. Recyclers who intend to participate in the bidding should log in the waste materials disposal bidding system of State Grid E-commerce platform (website: in advance to bid.

Ii. Overview of waste materials

The proposed auction disposal of waste materials mainly includes waste transformers, steel core aluminum strand, iron accessories, batteries and so on.

3. Bidding documents

1. Recyclers who want to participate in this waste materials disposal auction should purchase bidding documents and pay bidding deposit from October 28, 2019 to October 30, 2019 (Beijing time).

2, bidding documents ¥0.00 / copy, bidding documents are not refundable.

Location: State Grid Hubei Tendering Co., LTD

Address: Wuchang District Dongting Garden 301 building

Contact: 86608582

Iv. Other matters

Recyclers participating in this auction should be familiar with the bidding rules and bidding methods, and properly keep the online login account and electronic key password. Failure to bid or failure to bid due to loss of password, operation error or computer equipment or network failure of the recycler shall be borne by the recycler itself.

According to the document No. 9 of the State Grid Materials Plan (2019), "Notice of the State Grid Materials Department on stopping the sale cost of pre-qualification documents for bidding (procurement) documents", from April 1, 2019, the sale cost of used materials bidding documents will be stopped. Recyclers who participate in the third batch of waste materials bidding of State Grid Hubei Electric Power Co., Ltd. in 2019 do not need to pay the bidding document fee from now on. Recyclers who wish to participate should send a confirmation letter to 2168569855@qq.con.


Issued by: State Grid Hubei Tendering Co., LTD

Release date: on October 25, 2019


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